Making the kitchen a place of fun and not of risks
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3 available products
  • Trivet & Pot Holder Trivet & Pot Holder

    Multipurpose trivet made of 100% platinum silicone so you do not get burnt

  • Neoprene-Silicone Trivet & Pot Holder Neoprene-Silicone Trivet & Pot Holder

    Multipurpose oven mitt with silicone and neoprene so you do not get burnt

  • Silicone Kitchen Grip Silicone Kitchen Grip

    Silicone kitchen grip or oven mitt for holding hot utensils

  • Advice The most common hazards in the kitchen are burns. Using a microwave oven prevents oil burns, which are the most serious kind. On the other hand, using the microwave means handling extremely hot containers, which is why your hands should be protected
  • Advice The mitts or potholders can be used to handle hot pots, pans, trays or containers and it is recommended never to fill more than three quarters of the container to avoid the content overflowing once hot
3 available products