Layered vegetables

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15 min


- 1 small aubergine

- 1 medium potato

- ½ courgette

- 200g fried tomato sauce

- Grated cheese

- Oregano

- Salt/Pepper

- Spoonful of olive oil

Do it this way

Slice vegetables -not too thinly- and season with oil, salt and pepper.
Place the vegetables into the case in layers, alternating aubergine, potato and courgette. Pour tomato sauce over the vegetables and sprinkle with grated cheese and oregano. Close the case and place in microwave. Cook for 10-12 minutes at 800W.

What you need

Spoon For The Steam Case

The ideal complement to your Lékué steam case.

Steam Case with tray 1-2 p.

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Steam Case 1-2 p.

Quick, healthy and tasty cooking

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