Take care without sacrificing the taste of healthy eating

Feeling good

Feeling good is a consequence of a healthy and balanced diet. However, eating healthy does not mean investing a lot of time. It is for this reason that we want to accompany and facilitate your day to contribute to your well-being without sacrificing pleasure. We want to turn that concern our challenge and learn from your main concerns to bring our experience and offer innovative and creative solutions tailored to you.

Because we like challenges, our main challenge is to enjoy the pleasure of eating healthy!

Feeling good
This is our manifest
  1. Contribute to our users’ happiness through an easy and tasty cuisine
  2. Provide the curiosity to move towards a new way of eating
  3. Simplify all the processes in the kitchen helping you to eat well
  4. Encourage people to share a healthy lifestyle
  5. Bet on an optimistic and inspiring attitude toward life
Este es nuestro manifiesto
Innovation is in our DNA

From Lékué and Alicia Foundation we have worked to present recipes adapted to changing times: For this reason we have had the best chefs, chemists, food technologists, nutritionists and designers. They all have worked under one parameter: ensure that the kitchen is a dining experience that entices the palates of all those people who are new to cooking and that without neglecting proper nutrition value their time.


Alícia, Ali-mentació y cièn-cia (Alice, Alimentation and Science), is a research centre devoted to the technological innovation of cuisine, to the improvement of eating habits and to the evaluation of the food and gastronomic heritage. It is a centre with a social vocation, open to everyone to promote healthy eating.

They carry out gastronomic and scientific research with the aim of generating knowledge in all of the technological aspects that form a part of cuisine, from the use of new techniques and products to the optimisation of traditional processes.

They work to improve the eating habits of society and to find culinary solutions to the specific food necessities caused by certain illnesses. They also collaborate with social, hospital, school and nursing home canteens to adjust their catering to the needs and diversities that arise in each of these groups.

They also study gastronomy from a historical point of view, interpreting recipes and using them as a tool to provide added value to our territory and cultural heritage. They believe that the study of history is a science, knowledge of culinary processes that will lead us to understand society and the reasons for practices from any given period.

Bringing knowledge to all kinds of people, both to professionals from the food and catering sector and to families and schools, through training and workshops in which we learn and experiment on cuisine, healthy habits, and the food heritage, in an entertaining way.

Likewise, they work their market gardens with the aim of disseminating and publicising our food heritage and also of studying and reviving crops. They study the gastronomic characteristics and qualities of the produce grown, its culinary value and how it should be applied, and they give advice to restaurants, hotel and catering schools and small producers on their produce. In short, we are committed to the land and to those who live on it.

Team members Lékué work to find real, different and innovative solutions to your everyday life
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Our materials
Platinum Silicone
Ceramic and porcelain
Platinum silicone
Platinum silicone

The platinum silicone is an odorless, colorless polymer made mainly silico, found naturally in sand, quartz and rock. Platinum silicone is safe for contact with food, thanks to its unique properties which make it ideal for use in the kitchen.

Bisphenol-A is a compound used in the manufacture of certain plastics. Lékué products are manufactured mainly in platinum silicone, and so do not contain bisphenol. This ensures that they present no risk to health or the environment, as there is no migration of the compound to food

Lékué products manufactured entirely in platinum silicone are under guarantee for 10 years from the date of purchase. The warranty is void if a fault was due to misuse or failure to follow the recommendations specified for each product.

Ceramic and porcelain