Jar To Go Organic 400 ml

Take away jar for carrying your snacks, soups, desserts... wherever you are!

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Product Information

100% airtight take away jar with a built-in spoon, specially designed for snacks and desserts - enjoy them straight from the bowl! With a 400 ml capacity. 


Inside, it includes a collapsible silicone container that is height-adjustable. Control your portions and keep different textured ingredients separate, like crunchy dry toppings for yoghurt and soups or dressings for crispy salads... It's suitable for microwave use, continuously for a maximum of 2 minutes. 


The spoon has been designed especially for use with the Jar To Go Organic. The slightly sloping shape makes it perfect for reaching every bit of the container. With a protective cover for improved hygiene. Your spoon will always stay protected from contaminants. And it comes with a 100% secure clip so you can always have your spoon ready with your Jar To Go Organic.


This new take away jar is made with organic materials, and a lower percentage of plastic. The main material is a combination of wood fibre and polypropylene - one of the most widely used plastics, which is 100% recyclable and perfect for contact with food. 


The wood fibre comes from the waste generated by logging activities in the manufacture of consumer goods. The wood waste is shredded, filtered, and sterilized, then blended with propylene to create this new material. The result? A high quality, completely safe material that complies with the strictest of regulations. Find out more about the materials in the To Go Organic collection. 


Take it in your bag, backpack, or briefcase... and enjoy your takeaway food any time. It's going to go with you everywhere!


Enjoy your takeaway food anywhere with the To Go Organic Collection!


Also available: Jar To Go Organic 600 ml



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mm L92 + W92 + H148
Wood fiber + PP + 5% recycled TPR + Tritan + platinum silicone
-20ºC / +100ºC
400 ml.
Appropriate for
Dishwasher, fridge, microwave (2 min max.)

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