Crème Brûlée

8 min.


250 ml whipping cream

250 ml milk + 20 ml milk

100 g sugar

4 egg yolks (approx. 60g)

20 g corn starch

1/2 vanilla bean

60 g brown sugar

Do it this way

1. Add cream, 250 ml milk, sugar and vanilla seeds to the deep steam case.

2. Mix and cook 6 min. at 800 W in the microwave.

3. In a separate bowl, mix the starch with 20 ml milk until it dissolves. Add the yolks and beat.

4. Add the yolk mixture to the hot milk and whisk with a manual whisk.

5. Cook the mixture 1 more minute at 800 W and mix rapidly to prevent lumps and to obtain a homogenous cream.

6. Distribute the cream into individual containers and cover with plastic wrap so that the wrap touches the surface (in contact) to prevent the cream from drying out. Cool in the refrigerator.

7. When serving, cover with the brown sugar and burn the surface with a blowtorch to caramelize it.

Comments (optional):

1. Gluten-free recipe. Suitable for people with celiac disease.

2. You can substitute the sugar with molasses, agave syrup or sweeteners that are specifically suitable for people who cannot consume sugars.

3. You can substitute the milk and cream with products of plant origin and prepare vegan or lactose-free crème brûlée.

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