Deep Steam Case 1-2 p.

Steam cook large pieces, soups, stews, etc., quickly, preserving all the nutrients and flavours of the food.

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Product Information

With the Deep Steam Case, you can cook healthy, tasty and quick recipes in the microwave. Easy preparation and minimal kitchen clean-up, steam your food in just a few minutes! All kinds of vegetables, fish, seafood, etc. Ideal for 1 or 2 servings! Discover all the possibilities of the Deep Steam Case: soups, stews, large pieces... and your favourite recipes in large quantities! Can you imagine preparing a cream of vegetable soup easily and keeping the kitchen clean at the same time? Or making hot soup for the whole family without any effort? Or roasting a whole chicken in just 20 minutes? You can do it easily and with all the benefits and speed of the microwave. The Deep Steam Case cooks food uniformly, in its own juice. The steam keeps the food moist and tender. Cooking ‘en papillote’ preserves the natural taste of the ingredients and ensures that essential vitamins and minerals are retained. There are so many benefits to microwave cooking; it makes the cooking process much easier and allows you to prepare healthy, balanced and fat-free dishes. Made of 100% high quality platinum silicone and plastic-free. Easy and safe to handle; and it is the most energy-efficient cooking method. Discover your best ally in the kitchen and save time! Includes timing conversion charts, cooking instructions and recipes. Check out the full Steamers collection!
mm L212 - W155 - H85
100% Platinum Silicone
-60ºC / +220ºC
500 ml
Appropriate for
Microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge

Recipes you can make with this product

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